How to get notified with new articles

M-Z ACADEMY offers many ways for interested users to subscribe and receive notifications when we publish new articles, as well as quizzes and contests. Below we have listed the ways you can receive notifications.

App Notifications (Android)


One way to receive notifications is with our Android app. Download our application from the Google Play Store or from the Amazon App Store. After you download and install, make sure to enable app notifications and you will automatically receive our latest contents as push notifications.

Web Notifications (Browser-Based) 

To receive web push notifications via the browser, you can subscribe with the notification bell, found in the bottom-left corner of the website.

Upon interaction with the widget, you will receive a browser pop-up, looking similar to the following. 


Click "Allow." In the following, you will receive a browser notification, signifying as a successful confirmation.  


Email Subscription

The final way of getting notified of new posts (and more) is by subscribing to our newsletter. This is a subscription list mailed every weekend with the latest occurrences at M-Z ACADEMY. Signing up is as easy as clicking here, entering your email, and confirming. 

The link posted above brings you to a page looking like this. Just enter your email here and click "Subscribe." You can also use the subscription form found in the footer; both sign you up to the same mailing list. 


After entering your email, you will receive a confirmation like this.


That's all! By following one of the aforementioned steps, you are guaranteed to be the first one to know of new content at M-Z ACADEMY.