Why is my name not showing on course certificate?

This base highlights how to change the course certificate to reflect your name, if it is currently your username.

If you complete a course through our platform, you might notice that by default, the username chosen on sign up is reflected on the certificate. However, if you would like to change this to another name (for example, your full name or nickname), this is the tutorial for you.

As an example, this is how the certificate will look by default (taken from the Introduction to Cryptocurrency Course, although applicable to all). It will include all the details of the course and the time/date at which you've completed it. You can see that it shows the username "thetechexpert", reflecting the default settings. 

To change this, we will need to visit the profile dashboard. To get here, simply click your username in the profile widget, found on the website header. Alternatively, click here (if you are not signed in, you will be brought to the login page). 

You should then see something similar to the following:

You will need to scroll to the "Name" section. If you haven't already, please fill out your first name and last name. Then, click the drop-down in "Display name publicly as" and now select your preferred name.

Once you have selected your preferred display name, you can scroll down and click "Update Profile". This change will now reflect through the certificates. Just return back to the certificate download page and you will see the change.