How to participate in M-Z ACADEMY Discussion Forums

Here's a quick base on how to register and set up your discussions account.

With the launch of our new platform, it's only natural that visitors will come across some questions, as well as challenges while operating the platform. You might also want to discuss some features or clarify some doubts that you came across while reading an article. Our community discussions are a great way to settle all of these, with the option of having real-time chats with other subscribers and users of M-Z ACADEMY. It's also a great place to meet new friends or to discuss anything else, whether or not it’s educational. Here's a quick base on how to register and set up your discussions account. 

How to Create an Account on Discuss


Step 1. Start here, at

Step 2. Register an account in seconds by going to the upper right-hand corner on the homepage and clicking “Sign Up.”

Step 3. Choose a Username and Password, fill out your email, and click, “Sign Up.”

Step 4. In seconds, your new account has been created! Nice work.

With this account, you have more features and options available to you, as opposed to unregistered users. Due to the nature of an all-accessible online forum, and to keep within guidelines, new forum posts and replies are manually moderated and checked before going live. Discussion boards not within our guidelines will not be approved.